Warmly celebrate the successful Dior technology through the ISO 9001 qu
Author:Administrator   Published in:2016-06-03 23:48

Recently, Dior technology accepted Britain Das Certification Center audit group of experts on the company's management process, operation control, customer satisfaction, product design and production of each link and process strict audit, and successfully passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification, and in 2013 January 23, made by Britain Das Certification Center awarded the international quality system certification.

Import ISO9001 system certification, Teo product quality control and process management standards in practical work plays a vital role, improve the quantification assessment system, to mobilize the potential of each employee's work, every business are well documented in the work; each has detailed procedures and norms; every time training to related records and effect evaluation; quality of each department have quantitative criteria; each departments to carry out assessment management; every time self-examination or peer review have improvement measures. And make it more applicable.

The certification, marking the Dior technology to ISO quality management system as the backing, with the system, the mechanism to improve and perfect for the fundamental, and actively promote the management innovation and strict product quality control procedures, and achieved remarkable results. This certification, means that the Teo products have the world recognized high quality management system, have the ability to provide better products and service for the user; at the same time, Teo products achieved ISO9001: 2008 certification, will be for the company to develop the domestic and foreign markets play a positive role in promoting.

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